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Mercilessly teased and tormented for a number of harrowing years the rare solitary creature that is the white werewolf ultainately only desired to reclaim a former existence. Upon the denial of such a simple request from that point forwards all of the aggrieved creature’s remaining days of captivity will embrace the opportunity to strategically plan the waiting downfall of the heartless man who dared to deny the beast. Innocent lives will be lost and ancient tales rewritten as the traumatic times force a change to once everlasting destiny’s, be it born of mortal bloodlines or born of the darkened world of the night.



How could have the faithful Aurelia ever foreseen the significant consequences of such a loving act as she valiantly offered her pure virgin blood to what was possibly the last lair of the master vampires remaining after the plague. Again, I must question how could such a simple act born of pure heart result in the disturbing demise of so many powerful entities of the night world!


Vampire Hire: Curse Of The White Werewolf by Rod Seeber. FREE




Incensed at the cards life had so far dealt, the rare albino creature of the full moon swore to the gods of the mountains it would not rest until eradicating all family lines ever to walk the Earth of the heartless man who so easily turned his back on him, so easily corrupted away while lost in the promise of riches. Visibly distraught Aurelia went on to further explain her adopted family’s unsettling dilemma of whether to stay and bravely fight or to flee in search of the new worlds over the other side of the globe. The Highly unusual curse of the white werewolf fascinated Valdrek who quietly held an admiration for sacred solitary creature proudly defying a conventional existence compared to all the predictable ghouls of the night.

An openly wary Valdrek carefully inquired about the terms of any hire arrangement that may require his services for either protection or the killing of such a rare creature of the night. The simple truth was had it not been for Beatrice’s locket hanging around Aurelia’s neck she would have been deceased an hour ago just as Carmilla had so blatantly desired. However the deceptive scent of memories combined with the rekindled emotions of a love long lost was to see Valdrek strangely confused as to what his next move should be?


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Clenching her fists Aurelia enthusiastically studied the newly formed weapons now in her possession, amazingly she already understood the power of a heart reborn to evil. It scared her somewhat to think of how readily she had embodied all the changes then accepted it, no make that embraced it! Perhaps the wise master Valdrek was correct, some are truly born to the nightworld long before they arrive! Confirming the successful effects of the change to the world of the vampire Valdrek requested for Aurelia to be seated while he shared with her the story of the new dark world she was now destined in inhabit for as long as time allows.
An attentive Aurelia could already see the many years of history flowing throw Valdreks thirteen hundred year old memory as thoughtfully he carefully chose his to words to reveal the beginnings of not only his world, but now her world. He took a deep breath and sat next to her while gently holding her hand to comfort her through the condemned journey of their existence.


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Silently Valdrek listened on while surveying the remaining females of his lair, he felt a certain justification of his choices and chose to believe his vampires may have retaliated more staunchly in the same scenario, not that he would dare share these views with Parson. There was nothing to be gained in reigniting a recently extinguished fire in his heart. Soon Carmilla questioned ‘What of Alain?’ Again Parson sighed as if to be fore warning all this was not happy result either. ‘We stood guard outside the burning room accompanied by shrieking cries of terror from both burning demons and vampires alike, never have I considered the pain and sufferings of either species like I did that night.

To knowingly incinerate your own kind is not an easy chore on one’s mind, then as we realized our work had come to a savage conclusion the last undetected demon came from the library to lunge a wooden stake directly into Alain’s back, immediately the flames of hell erupted from his tortured soul. In a frenzy of rage I tore the demons head off before he could mount an assault on me, I never knew the suppressed rage within me had such determination once unleashed’ The clan listened on unsure of how purposely diminish the public suffering of this emotionally void vampire who now sought their comradeship, a task easily they adhered to! Remaining curious at the hidden attributes each vampire possesses Aurelia finally broke her respectful silence … ‘You could hear us?’

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I am pleased to announce the release of

Vampire Graveyard

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 By Rod Seeber    FREE …… Vampire Graveyard

Will Tom survive Jacobs challenge to expand his writer’s abilites? Only a journey to Graveyard Hill will devulge the truth and much more! Tom yearns to be a successful fiction author, however he always plays it safe and now his friend Jacob had challenged him to explore the mysterious graveyard up the hill overlooking their town. They will not be alone as their good friend Shawnee will also be there to offer some sound advice originating from her local Indian heritage. The secrets of how the vampires came to the great plains will be revealed but only after a harrowing adventure deep within the hill where only dark entities not born of this world reside! Vampire graveyard will change three lives forever.

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The Harlem Cafe Ebook

When all the bad ass gang leaders of New York have a battle to sort out territories you know it’s gonna be trouble!So when they are all sucked into The Harlem Cafe ..what will happen? Can they possibly work together on another planet to save all of mankind or will they fall back into their chosen ways and fail their mission, they didn’t want it but they are the only ones. Thank god there are a few innocents along for the ride to make sense of it all!They will soon learn the dangers that lurk once they read the ancient prophecy …… of course they will not be on Earth when they do this! The Harlem Cafe has other plans for them indeed

The Harlem cafe

The term ‘Boys’ was a loosely used description because most were actually men who were easily into their 30’s or maybe 40’s. A lifetime of hate and anger solely aimed at a group of people who were just the same. All lost in their long standing traditions of ongoing street wars and violence, this was just another battle to these gangbangers. Most of them probably cherished the chance to publically display their war colors and the fact they were a law upon themselves. Jet knew instantly who the two gangs were by their uniforms. The red devils who always wore red beanies so that people even from the 3rd floor of a building could see who they were, and wisely keep away. The 42nd Street Boys proudly wore black caps with 42nd printed in white combined with black and white t-shirts also displaying their ’Logo’ To them it explained their theory of life, black and white equaled life and death. The two opposites, kill or be killed was their motto their outlook to everything and to all that got in their way while The 42nd Street Boys were practicing this motto they soon became history. Just to be another statistic in this ongoing war of hate. In their own territories all were treated like gods who commanded respect! Yes truly gods of their own domains who would always kill or be killed in an instant if need be.


Next the severely wounded clown dropped to the ground making a gargling sound from the now fatal cut, simultaneously another flash of shiny steel from a different direction flashed past Jakes face missing him by only millimeters. Jake who had all his attention honed in on the injured falling clown was completely thrown off guard and nearly fell over as his arms waved in the air to help regain balance. Again the flash of steel swiftly swept through the air aimed at Jake who by now had raised his right arm as a instinctive defensive move. The swinging blade entered Jakes arm giving him a burning sting as it sliced its way through. The others were in instant disarray as this happened around them. Seconds later Ben was the first to react by grabbing Jake and pulling him back to the others who were hastily looking about in all directions at this point. Instant panic set in as the group tried to comprehend what had just happened to the now lifeless body of the weird clown as well as Jake who was clutching at his wounded arm. Jet and Ben looked around to see where the unseen attackers were now? Kenya was totally shocked and as a result could not move or speak. Jet questioned ‘Is everyone ok?’ while staring at them to let all know he was now in charge and ready to protect them if need be.


The simple truth was there were no viable other options at this point because Mobile were now spread across the width of the entire park and had worked their way around the Meer plus The Discovery Center. The wind shifted about now starting to blow the haze of battle Northward’s offering much needed cover to Parkside, Bronx Zoomen. Plus other smaller surviving gangs who whether they liked it or not had now affiliated with each other, as they took their chances and fought their way to and then up 7th avenue. Abandoned cars provided the perfect cover as the battle front moved from the park into the street Northwards up 7th Avenue. Amazingly sworn enemies who desired to kill each other only half an hour ago were united and fighting alongside each other as they continued their determined quest to reach the Harlem Cafe and to stay alive of course. SoS also became entwined in this strange formation of former enemies who found protection and solidarity for each other by bolstering their numbers. The realization that survival is paramount to any gang’s existence became the ideology behind the unprecedented orders of each weakened gangs leaders to join forces and combat the over powering Mobile. Ernie now at the Northern boundary of the park declared himself to be the new victorious owner of the massive green landscape behind him as spiteful bullets continued to be fired his direction. His lieutenant Joey had also survived the battle and couldn’t help but notice Ernie was also emitting a strange glow that seemed somewhat unusual.


The always inquisitive Kenya again grabbed G.S by the arm and as before she observed what seemed to be not only bright powered lights but now also some form of large energy mass building up while striking the outside of the dome. This unidentified mass was rapidly growing beyond the diameter of twenty feet. Seemingly each of the pyramids large entranceways had purposely been permanently blocked off with the only exception being the doorway of the ninth pyramid that the group previously travelled through to arrive at this destination. Upon further study G.S noticed most of the increasingly bright lights were regularly striking the sealed off doorways, perhaps now specifically aiming in on them. He considered these doorways may be the weak spot then suggested to a growingly concerned H-man to concentrate on the blocked off doorways in case they were penetrated by this determined new energy light force. In response H-man proudly raised his spear plus Jets spear to acknowledge his devoted awareness of the situation at hand. Although how just spears could defeat this high energy source was not actually discussed by either of them.

Jack Ugly



What happens when your parents are nuts and your are not too well off yourself?Jack Ugly has numerous disabilities and for some reason they relate back to the letter “J” His parents just happen to have a strange obsession with the letter”J” as well ?He has three sisters whose names start with the letter “J” ?? … Sooner or later somethings got to give! Perhaps it will be when the meteors strike Who will survive? The detractors of the letter “J” or the supporters of the letter “J”


Jack tried to stand tall and be brave but its dam hard when you have a congenital defect such as a twisted spine! The pain involved as you try your best to stand up straight soon sees the end result of a forced return to the familiar slumping position while either seated or vertical, his other prominent main affliction of a shortened left leg was to also see him noticeably limp to the point the mean spirited kids at high school were sometimes at a loss as to which degrading nicknames to use on him? ‘Hey Igor Frankenstein needs you back at the lab for some more experiments’ or maybe ‘Hey pus face my car needs a grease and oil change, are you available after school’ then there were the comparison taunts such as ‘What’s the difference between you and road kill? At least one can be used for pet food!’ The only thing Jack oddly found to his small liking about this ongoing harassment endured during the high school years was that at least it was verbally different most times compared to mindless teasing and humiliations unwillingly suffered at the earlier schools of childhood.

He truly could have been forgiven for going ‘POSTAL’ upon hearing ‘Ugly Jack Ugly Jack You’re So Ugly, Jack Ugly’ one more time, because that particular rhyme annoyingly stayed with him from kindergarten all and the way through elementary school and even into part of middle school as many mindless unscrupulous individuals joined in the repetitive chant in the belief they were providing quality entertainment for the watching masses of other school kids. It actually was one of the few taunts that he chose to respond to through his wet lisping voice ‘Oh very good, I never heard that one before … you are so original’ The dreaded morning ritual of self assessment was never easy for him, plus there was the fact that one of his three spiteful sisters would always start the day with some unprovoked form of cruel verbal tirade while impatiently waiting for him to finish his bathroom duties, for Jack Ugly the only redeeming feature of time spent each morning in the bathroom preparing for another predicably horrible day at school was that just as all seemed totally lost he would begrudgingly smile his spectacular perfectly white teeth at himself in the mirror to acknowledge he truly had attempted to make himself as presentable as possible considering all the contributing circumstances to his vastly unconventional appearance.


This may really be a father and son breakthrough Jack happily considered to himself, yep a true hallmark moment when the father finally acknowledges the transformation of his son evolving from adolescence into full manhood! At last just a bit quality time for growing up Jack and his father Johnny who was now pulling up a chair next to him while announcing his sisters had kept him up to date with all the gossip about this girl who had a first name that started with the letter “J” and even a surname beginning with the letter “J” and miraculously had chosen Jack as the one to remember for the rest of life as her ‘Prom date’ Johnny offered Jack a jube and then began ‘Son I know the school years have not been kind to you and I thought on this night if nights I should confide in you that I have some reservations about you attending the big dance ’ a stunned Jack felt his left eye start to nervously begin to nervously twitch as his heart began to fall to the floor ‘Son I have heard this girls names starts with the letter “J” and that she is from Italy, well did you know that the Italian alphabet does not fully acknowledge the letter “J”

According to them it is just second rate letter that is only occasionally used, this attitude to the wholesome letter “J” is surely blasphemy and should not be tolerated! Here you are with a out of town girl who claims to be Italian and has the letter “J” for a first name and a surname, i’m sorry son but she sounds like trouble to me and I am unsure if you should be attending the dance with such a conniving type of girl!’ Horrified at the despicable display of twisted logic he was now listening to, a disenchanted Jack asked his father if he was actually joking? Because so far Janita was the only willing person in his whole miserable life that had ever really purposely looked beyond all the physical deformities plus ignored all the predetermined opinions of what was seemingly every student and teacher of an entire school!


Curiously the spread of the JH Virus which had been isolated away from society years ago was to also dumbfound the scientific communities of the world as more and more ongoing reports of mutant virus strains from the animal world now began to decimate all the “J” based territory’s human populations with the rest of the world swiftly reacting by placing these strangely affected locations into an immediate strict quarantine then banning all travel to and from them until a reason for the unnerving occurrence of this situation could be thoroughly explained and properly alleviated. Panic was abound as all the populations on Earth began to close up borders and declare even healthy individuals a public risk if identified as having any suspicious symptoms such as a fever, dyharea or a cough, even Jamaica reportedly now found victims suffering Japanese encephalitis based deaths. The modern world was experiencing an unprecedented health dilemma as the suffering populations of Jamaica, Japan and Jordan began to decline at such an alarming rate that by the end of June 2028 it was estimated only half of the previously living people in these countries remained alive. The mutated virus epidemic was officially now described as the worst virus based plague in human history, although curiously it all still somehow remained specific to the “J” Countries. Then only days later as the calendar clicked over to the 10th of July a new wave of meteor showers now struck planet Earth as once again only seemingly specific geographic locations were pounded, however this time around it was to be all the cities of the world beginning with “J” that were targeted.

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